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Címünk: 1149 Budapest, Pillangó Park 14/A
fióktelep: 2400 Dunaújváros, Bocskai I. u. 7/A fszt. 2.


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Who is it for?

We can offer this service to those who will have a job interview in English, for example, to a multinational company in Hungary or to any position where the use of English is really important, as well as to those who will apply for a job abroad. It is also useful for those who would like to have more experience or would like to overcome their inhibitions related to the stressful situation of a job interview in English. Those who have already become insecure because they had bad experience at their previous job interviews can also benefit from our preparation.

At MET Kft., we know that when people are looking for a job they are in a difficult situation not only professionally and spiritually, but financially as well, thus, we offer smaller and cheaper preparation packages instead of expensive, complex ones from which you can choose your own programme to prepare for a job interview according to your needs and opportunities, individually or in a small group. You can easily reduce the necessary time for your preparation if you collect questions from your previous job interviews and think over the answers to them in Hungarian.

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Our services:

  1. Assumption (by interview and/or testing) of your specific needs and opportunities - this service is free of charge
  2. Preparation/correction and translation of your application, CV and letter of motivation - available already from HUF 2,000-3,000. You can find the Request for Quote function in the menu above or under Quotations at the bottom of our Homepage. We will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible, but maximum within 1 hour – after the normal working hours and at weekends too. All the details of your request will be treated confidentially.
  3. We can translate the official documents that are necessary for your job application, for example, school certificates, certificates of good conduct, birth certificate, etc. We can offer you a clause to the certified translation with the handwritten signature of the owner of our company and sealed with the company’s stamp - free of charge. The cost of the translation depends on the length of your documents.

You can send us your document electronically by Request for Quote By post or personally: Our address Naturally, the texts received from you will be handled with complete confidentiality.


Detailed description

  1. Providing and practising effective, but diplomatic answers to questions from your previous job interviews and/or to typical job interview questions at our own location: HUF 5,000/ 45 min, on Skype: HUF 4,500/ 45 min. You can easily reduce the necessary time for your preparation if you collect questions from your previous job interviews and think over the answers to them in Hungarian.
  2. preparation for unexpected, difficult or sensitive questions - with our large collection of such questions - at our own location: HUF 5,000/ 45 min, on Skype: HUF 4,500/ 45 min.
  3. discovering and emphasizing the professional and personal strength of the applicant, correcting mistakes and distracting the attention of the interviewers from major deficiencies - at our own location: HUF 5,000/45 min, on Skype: HUF 4,500 Ft./ 45 min. (1-2 X 45 minutes are usually enough for the preparation depending on the sincerity, openness and previous preparation of the candidate).
  4. preparation for the specific requirements of different interview types, for example, CV/ behaviour/ competence-based, personal, phone, Skype, stress, filtering, board and group interviews - the fee of the preparation depends on the number of different types you need.
  5. negotiating your salary requirements at the right time and in the right way: HUF 2,500.
  6. asking questions about the targeted job and workplace: HUF 2,500.
  7. offering solutions to special needs, for example, preparing video cover letters, preparation for discussions, presentations and for solving competence-based tasks in a group.
    To receive our quotation for your special needs, please use click on this button: Request for Quote
  8. Those, who live in the countryside or abroad, will receive the written materials for their preparation by email or on Skype. We can offer the services listed in points 1-10, except for some special requests, on Skype as well, in the same quality, however, at a lower price - preparation at our own location: HUF 5,000/ 45 min, on Skype: HUF 4,500/ 45 min.


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Our benefits:

At MET Kft., the preparation for job interviews is done by especially well-prepared trainers with practical HR experience. They will do their best to prepare you to be able to perform as well as possible at your job interview and to find a job, either in Hungary or abroad, that suits your qualifications and professional experience.

  1. To achieve this, first, we assume your specific needs and opportunities. This can be done personally, by phone, on Skype or by email according to your needs. Then we will discuss those services that you would like to use from the broad range of MET Kft. We can offer you this service free of charge.
  2. Then, at MET Kft., we offer to prepare and/or translate your application, CV and letter of motivation in a style that suits your personality, the position you are applying for and the target country. We offer to help you develop such a profile about yourself that will give you the best chance to be selected from the applicants who have similar abilities to yours. If you have already prepared these documents in your mother tongue and you do not need to change them, you can ask for the translation of them, which we will prepare you in an excellent quality perfectly adjusting their form to the traditions of the target country. If you need it, we will prepare the official translation of your certificates and diplomas as well.
  3. Based on your previous experience, for example, job interviews, trainings at your former workplaces, written materials, tips from your colleagues or friends, we will discuss the typical interview questions for the position you are applying to. Then, we will prepare, translate and practise (role-play) with you the possible answers in order to show the best possible profile about you and to suit the requirements of the Hungarian/multinational companies and those of the target country in respect of content and language as well.
  4. Based on the feedback from our previous clients who already work abroad or at multinational companies in Hungary, with our collection of interview questions, competency tests and case studies from HR professionals and from the previous interviews of our clients, they were able to prepare for the difficult or sensitive questions at job interviews quickly and efficiently, in a goal-oriented way.
  5. After carefully reading your job application and having a friendly discussion with you, we will help you identify your professional or personal strengths and/or your possible lacks and weaknesses. Then we will provide you with the presentation and practice of those communication techniques, by which during an interview you will be able to draw attention to your strengths, advantages, specific knowledge, and experience that will be useful for your future employee. We find it important to make you able to talk about your positive characteristics precisely, in detail, but also in an interesting and colourful way in English too.
  6. Then, if you find it important, we will discover those weaknesses (either in the field of your profession, behaviour or communication) that can prevent you from being successful in finding a job. We will teach you those communication strategies by which you can distract the attention of the interviewers from your faults or deficiencies. If the interviewer has so much experience that these strategies do not work, you will learn how to give diplomatic and positive answers, so that you can benefit even from these difficult situations.
  7. We will show you the ways you can refer to your payment demand in the most beneficial ways in the different phases of the job search. We will also practise the ways of presenting your salary request more and more precisely and negotiating it successfully. Then, we will discuss the possible bonuses of reward schemes. If you require, we will read together or translate the related laws of the country you would like to work in.
  8. We will prepare you for the types of questions you should ask about the position or workplace you are applying for to make you look interested and motivated at the interview. We help you gather the necessary information about your future workplace.
  9. At MET Kft., we can also offer tailor-made solutions to your special needs, for example, preparation of a video cover letter and preparing you for discussions or giving presentations. We will listen to your innovative ideas and, based on our many years’ experience, we will find out how you can benefit from these during your job interviews.
  10. Our experienced colleagues, according to your needs, will present you with the different types of job interviews (for example: personal, phone, Skype, stress, filtering, board and group interviews) and their possible advantages and pitfalls. We will discuss and practise those communication techniques that you can successfully use in the different phases of your job search. If you go to a job interview for the first time or after a long break, we will also cover the areas of proper behaviour, gestures and even the dress codes of certain job interviews.
  11. For those who live in the countryside or abroad we can offer our online preparation on Skype, Viber, Zoom, Face Time, which, in our experience, is as efficient and personalized as our other methods that are based on personal meetings. In this case, you will receive the written materials by email or Skype.
  12. Of course, those are in the most difficult situation, whose English is only on a basic level, but they have to prove themselves in English in Hungary or abroad. For them, before doing the job interviews and travelling abroad, we will prepare a so-called survival kit from the words and expressions they will need for their future job or to submit their official documents and organize their everyday life.

Our especially well-prepared colleagues with many years’ practical HR experience will do their best to prepare their job seekers to present themselves more confidently, more convincingly, to speak better English and thus to be more successful than other candidates at job interviews.

If you have any questions related to job interviews, do not hesitate to contact us!

You can call us: +36 30 546 0396(24 hours per day including weekends)

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